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Tracking Hurricanes | AOSS Jointly-Developed Instrument Onboard Aircraft

Posted: September 1, 2010

The HIRad instrument, jointly developed between AOSS, the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, and the University of Central Florida, is part of the group of planes that tracked Hurricane Earl and subsequent hurricanes this season. The Hurricane Imaging Radiometer (HIRad) is an airborne microwave sensor that will perform surface wind speed and rain rate measurements in hurricanes and typhoons.

Hurricane Hunters Fly into Earl | MSN

Hurricane Earl is gathering strength over the Atlantic, and NASA scientists are flying planes into the heart of the storm to catch Earl in the act of intensifying.

Hurricane-Hunting Tech: A Brief History | Tech News Daily

Sensor-laden planes called Hurricane Hunters pierce and prod hurricanes in the Gulf Coast and collect valuable data used by forecasters. These planes have been more than 100 years in the making; meteorologists have been trying hard to predict and track hurricanes since the 19th century.

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