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Website : Tracking Wind Flow over Japan

Posted: March 18, 2011

Website : Tracking Wind Flow over Japan

AOSS Professor Perry Samson has launched a new web site that is tracking wind flow over Japan. It's an interactive site for people to "see where their air comes from".  Trajectory lines represent calculated estimates of air paths to a location on a selected day. At this time, only March has been calculated. Yellow overlay represents probability of an upwind region's potential to influence air quality at this location on selected day.

EXAMPLE: The group estimates that Tokyo on March 15 was downwind of the affected power plant some of the day (which does not necessarily mean radiation levels were elevated in Tokyo as the material will disperse and deposit en route).

Visit website: Tracking Wind Flow Over Japan

In addition, the Office of the Vice President for Communications has created a website to update the campus community and external audiences on U-M’s  response to the crisis in Japan.

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