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MGU Annual Meeting - AOSS Student Poster Winners

Posted: March 30, 2011

MGU Annual Meeting - AOSS Student Poster Winners

Congratulations to everyone who participated and organized this year's exceptional MGU Annual Meeting. This year's AOSS student winners include:

  • First Place (tie) ($750 each)
    Hui-Wen Chuang, "Simulated atmospheric bridge across tropical ocean basins and its sensitivity to seasonal evolution in current and future climate regimes"
    Advisor: Xianglei Huang

    Yoichi Shiga, "A Framework for Expanding the In-Situ CO2 Monitoring Network for North America"
    Advisor: Anna Michalak
  • Third Place ($250)
    Dan Gershman, "A New Operating Mode for the Spaceborne Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer"
    Advisors: Bruce Block, Martin Rubin, Thomas Zurbuchen
  • Student Choice ($100)
    Guangxing Lin
    Advisor: Joyce Penner

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