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AOSS Celebrates 2011 Graduating Class

Posted: May 13, 2011

AOSS held their first graduation celebration for students that graduated in academic year 2010-11 on Friday, April 29. Family and friends joined AOSS faculty and staff as they gathered to honor AOSS students who have graduated this year.

2011 AOSS Graduating Class2011 graduates who attended the first AOSS graduation celebration.
BACK ROW, left to right: Ashwin Yerasi (MS/MEng), Paul Ullrich (PhD), Kevin Drumm (MS/MEng), Dalal Najib (PhD), Carole Dufour (MS/MEng), Gavin Chensue (BSE), James Gawron (BSE), Amanda Brecht (PhD), Alex Montgomery (Geological Sciences student), Joshua Robinson (MS/MEng), Alex Bogatko (MS/MEng)
FRONT ROW, left to right: Vijay Patel (MS/MEng), Dara Fisher (BSE), Jon O'Kins (MS/MEng), Laura O'Connor (BSE), Joshua Kahn (MS/MEng), Brian Kerby (MS/MEng)
Friends and family celebrating 2011 AOSS graduatesFamily, friends, faculty and staff who attended the celebration.
AOSS Professor Perry Samson AOSS Professor Perry Samson

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