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NASA's Juno Spacecraft Launches to Jupiter

Posted: August 17, 2011

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Launches to Jupiter

AOSS Professor Sushil Atreya is a scientist on the Juno Science Team and snapped this picture when the rocket made a planned sharp turn within seconds of the launch (Sushil said it looked like it was heading into the ocean).

Juno will fly by the earth in about two years, on October 9, 2013, for a gravity assist. This maneuver will add approximately 26,000 km per hour (16,300 mi/hr) to Juno’s velocity and send it on to Jupiter.

Five years from now, Juno will enter Jupiter’s orbit, on July 4th, 2016, for a one-year (33 orbits) mission.

The video of Juno launch from United Launch Alliance and NASA may be viewed at

Visit NASA's Juno Mission Site

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