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Open Tenure-Track Position: Climate Modeling

Posted: October 3, 2011

The Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences (AOSS) Department at the University of Michigan (UM) is seeking tenured or tenure-track applicants at the assistant professor or higher level in the general areas of Climate Modeling and Integrated Assessment for Engineered Designs.


We seek applicants who are interested in the climate prediction modules for global, regional- or finer-scale application to assess the impact of global change and energy choices on economics and policy for a region or a country like the US. For this, a candidate with experience in climate systems modeling, but with the skills and interest needed to integrate this expertise with energy systems and economics will be desired.  This candidate will need to develop approaches to integrate climate information into regional- and fine-scale Integrated Assessment models, for which a crucial issue will be to address the uncertainty of factors that influence the expected outcomes and the actions taken in decision-making on climate change. Interest in, for example, abrupt climate change and extreme weather events for “policy relevant science” is included. Uncovering methods to assess the confidence of analyses will likely be important.  So, too, would thorough investigations of the connections between monitoring, prediction and the likelihood of crossing critical thresholds.  Focusing attention on the distributions of critical climate-related parameters, such as the climate sensitivity, could also be important.

Background Information

This position was awarded to AOSS under UM’s Interdisciplinary Faculty Cluster Hire initiative. The Cluster Hire includes one other position in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment with a focus on Modeling and Assessment of Climate Change and Impacts. Successful candidates will work in their primary disciplinary area but will ideally also contribute to the development of greater cohesion among the diverse group of faculty across UM interested in Integrated Assessment.


The successful candidate will be expected to (1) develop a widely recognized research program, (2) attract external funding, (3) mentor graduate students and (4) participate in the teaching mission of the AOSS department and the College at both the graduate and undergraduate level.


Candidates capable of developing collaborative relationships in research and teaching are of particular interest. A PhD in atmospheric science or another relevant discipline is required.

To Apply

Applications should include a cover letter, CV, a concise personal statement describing the candidate’s vision for research and education, and a list of at least four references. Questions concerning this position and applications (in a single pdf file) should be directed to

Closing Date

For full consideration applications should be received before November 1, 2011.

University and Community

The college is especially interested in qualified candidates who can contribute, through their research, teaching, and/or service, to the diversity and excellence of the academic community.  Women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and veterans are encouraged to apply. The University is also responsive to the needs of dual career couples.

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