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Summer/Fall '11 issue of the Daily Planet Available Online

Posted: October 4, 2011

Summer/Fall '11 issue of the Daily Planet Available Online

The latest AOSS news is in the Summer/Fall issue of the Daily Planet ( .  Some of the articles in this issue include:



  • PNAS: "Aerosols affect climate more than satellite estimates predict" (Dr. Joyce Penner, Associate Chair for Atmospheric Science and Ralph J. Cicerone Distinguished University Professor of Atmospheric Science)
  • NATURE: "Melting ice on Arctic islands a major player in sea level rise" (Alex Gardner, AOSS Research Fellow)
  • HIGHLIGHT ON YOUNG SCIENTISTS: "Thermospheric effects of lower atmospheric small-scale gravity waves" (Erdal Yigit, AOSS Research Fellow)

Projects and Other Faculty Highlights

  • "Connecting Kenya to the World": The E-MAGINE PROJECT evolved from AOSS Assistant Research Scientist Darren McKague’s IMAGINE project. Dr. McKague is advising the current group of students who travelled to Kenya in June to develop a solar powered, cell phone-based Internet system for rural Kenya.
  • Dr. Combi watches a comet fading away (Michael R. Combi, Distinguished Research Professor)
  • Meet the new AOSS Chair: Jim Slavin joins us from Goddard Space Flight Center
  • New Faculty: Jason Gilbert and Derek Posselt
  • A “Toast” to Tamas as he leaves office

About our Students

  • MEET GUSTO: Meet the new AOSS Graduate and Undergraduate Student Organization (GUStO)
  • AOSS Celebrates 2011 Graduates

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