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The Michigan Role in the Mars Science Laboratory

Posted: November 28, 2011

The Michigan Role in the Mars Science Laboratory

Last Saturday (Nov. 26), NASA successfully launched the Mars Science Laboratory, which is scheduled to reach Mars in August 2012. Onboard is the car-sized rover, Curiosity, and its spacecraft components. Mission scientists include AOSS Professors Sushil Atreya and Nilton Renno.

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Atreya, co-investigator on the MSL's cornerstone lab, the Sample Analysis at Mars, will be utilizing Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instruments, built by UM's Space Mission Research Lab (SPRL).  Renno is a co-investigator on the Rover Environmental Monitoring System, which is the mission's weather station, and will be taking measurements for later analysis.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Mission Site

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