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Two More Science Publications Mark MESSENGER as a Top Story of 2011

Posted: December 23, 2011

MESSENGER NEWS: and Science News are the latest science publications to name MESSENGER and its accomplishments as one of the top science stories of 2011. They join Discover ( and Popular Science ( magazines in applauding the success of the spacecraft since it entered orbit around Mercury in March 2011. — which bills itself as the world’s top source for news of astronomy, sky watching, space exploration, commercial spaceflight, and related technologies — turned to MESSENGER Project Scientist Ralph McNutt to provide perspective on the 11 best astronomy stories in 2011 (

“We've literally rewritten the book on the innermost planets of the solar system, and it's an important book to rewrite,” McNutt said in the interview. “It's been a question of having a highly motivated group of people and the right technology and the right kind of situation and the right program to pull all these pieces together so you can actually accomplish it. It really has been a tremendous accomplishment."

In its December 31, 2011, issue, Science News — a bi-weekly newsmagazine published by the Society for Science and the Public since 1922 — included the MESSENGER mission in its annual roundup of the top stories it’s covered during the year. The publication’s coverage of the spacecraft’s insertion around Mercury last March is available online at

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