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Jeff Kopmanis Photographs the Solar System

Posted: April 10, 2012

Jeff Kopmanis Photographs the Solar System

AOSS CSEM Programmer Jeff Kopmanis is staying up late these days, taking photographs of the solar system.

He took great photographs of planets over Easter weekend. On Friday night, despite turbulent upper air, Kopmanis captured a video tour of the full moon. The turbulence creates a shimmering effect on camera.

The photo above is from a film Kopmanis took April 2nd. He explains how he processes images:

“I picked out the images from the movie one-by-one based on their computed image quality before starting any processing.  Each frame individually looked like a throw-away, but the software allows you to pick images based on quality analysis, and by racheting the minimum quality up, you reduce the number of frames, but you also increase the quality.”

“Pretty remarkable difference given some time playing with settings!," Kopmanis adds.

You can view more photographs on the AOSS Facebook Page.

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