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Ninth Annual MGU Symposium

Posted: April 16, 2012

 “I’ve always been excited about space in general so when I had the opportunity to study it, I jumped at it,” Gina DiBraccio said.

DiBraccio, an AOSS doctoral student, earned first place among AOSS students at the 9th annual Michigan Geophysical Union student research symposium. Her presentation was: Messenger Observations of Magnetopause Structure at Mercury. She said her research shows that the effects of the sun on Mercury’s planetary field are much more intense compared to the effects on earth’s planetary field.

The event was held on Friday, April 13, 2012. AOSS professor John Barker started the annual symposium. “The idea is that the students do pretty much everything, and they do a very good job with that,” Barker said.

Carlos Di Stefano earned second place for his work: Proton Diagnostic Performance in Laser-Driven Hydrodynamics.

David Wright earned third place for: Sensitivity of Lake-Effect Snowfall to Lake Ice Cover in the Great Lakes Region. “We saw that removal of ice impacted the placement of snow, and the lake temperature impacts the intensity of snow,” Wright said.

“I grew up in the lake-effect snow region and it’s always been an interesting subject for me,” Wright added.

AOSS students Xiangyun Zhang and Alex Bryan were honored as finalists.

AOSS is proud of all the students who came out to present their work and we look forward to next year!

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