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Alum Martin Mlynczak will receive NASA Distinguished Service Medal

Posted: July 2, 2012

Alum Martin Mlynczak will receive NASA Distinguished Service Medal

AOSS Alum Martin G. Mlynczak has earned the NASA Distinguished Service Medal, the highest award NASA bestows.

Mlynczak specifically thanks Roland Drayson, John Barker, and Bill Kuhn from AOSS.
“I had the best committee ever with Roland, John, and Bill. The combination of knowledge and guidance I received from each of you is immeasurable,” Mlynczak stated in an e-mail.

The NASA website states that the Distinguished Service Medal is awarded to those who made a “profound or indelible impact on NASA mission success, and therefore, the contribution is so extraordinary that other forms of recognition by NASA would be inadequate.”

In 2004 AOSS honored Mlynczak with the College of Engineering Alumni Society Merit Award for his many contributions to the field of atmospheric science.

Dr. Mlynczak’s research interests include calculation, modeling and observation of atmospheric thermodynamics, energy budgets and structure from satellite, aircraft, balloon and ground-based instruments.

We will all be cheering for Mlynczak when he is presented with his award at a NASA ceremony in August.

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