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Professor Xianglei Huang published in Journal of Climate

Posted: September 19, 2012

Professor Xianglei Huang published in Journal of Climate

The Journal of Climate published Professor Xianglei Huang's paper on the Walker circulation. The paper presents a simple theoretical explanation on why the Walker circulation weakening should happen in accordance with climate feedback mechanisms in response to climate change.

The Walker circulation is a conceptual model of air flow in the lower atmosphere of the tropics.

According to Dr. Huang, “This simple explanation also reproduces the vertical structure of such circulation change as seen in the 3-dimensional fully-coupled climate model simulations.”

The abstract states, “Both the change of clear-sky cooling rate and the change of tropospheric lapse rate contribute to the weakening of circulation.”

To read more of the paper, titled "A radiative-convective equilibrium perspective of the weakening of tropical Walker circulation in response to global warming", click here.

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