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American Meteorological Society Mentorship Opportunity

Posted: October 28, 2012

American Meteorological Society Mentorship Opportunity

Are you a student interested in private sector meteorology?

Apply to the AMS Board for Private Sector Meteorology’s Student Mentorship Program!

New energy economy, risk management, and climate change. Solar and wind energy forecasting, quantifying natural catastrophe risk, and modeling the climate. These are examples of current global issues—and typical job duties—that atmospheric scientists are tackling in the private sector.

For the past six years, the American Meteorological Society’s Board for Private Sector Meteorologists (BPSM) has reached across private industry to connect a cross-section of professionals working in private sector positions related to meteorology with students interested in learning more about the private sector.

The highly successful program is structured to pair students with a mentor who is active in the private sector discipline of greatest interest to the student protégé. Examples include—but are not limited to—energy forecasting, software development, project management, broadcasting, and catastrophe risk management. Every attempt is also made to pair students with a mentor in the same geographic region to facilitate face-to-face interactions, in addition to regular phone calls, e-mails, and other forms of communication.

The mentorship program is seeking a limited number of senior-level undergraduate and graduate students who are focused on building a career in the private sector. This program is uniquely focused on skill development, coaching, and helping you grow your professional network and business acumen. This program will give students the skills necessary to stand out in the eyes of employers.  

In order to ensure students have an opportunity to build a strong working relationship during the 2012/2013 academic year, we request that applications to join this mentorship program be submitted by November 15, 2012. Applications may be accepted later in the year; however, the number of mentors is limited so we encourage students to apply as soon as possible!

Students can apply online:

For more information about the BPSM mentorship program, including student testimonials and mentor profiles, please visit, or contact

Additionally, students who are applying for mentorship opportunities should also consider attending the AMS Annual Meeting in Austin in January. The conference is a great place to network, including possibly meeting your mentor and/or other members of the BPSM.

The AMS offers one or more programs for helping to offset travel costs. To find out about these, ascertain if you are eligible and for directions on how to apply, visit the following AMS page.

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