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AOSS Students Earn Top Prizes at Engineering Symposium

Posted: October 28, 2012

At the 7th annual Engineering Graduate Symposium, the top three prizes in the Earth Sciences and Remote Sensing track went to AOSS students.

Colin Zarzycki earned first place for his poster, “Improving weather prediction and regional climate modeling through the use of variable-resolution global atmospheric models.”

Catherine Walker earned second place for “Damage propagation: Earthquakes, tidal waves, and breaking Antarctica's ice shelves.

Fiona Seifert earned third place for “Origin of surface undulations at the Kamb Ice Stream grounding line, West Antarctica.”

Congratulations to Zarzycki, Walker and Seifert.

AOSS is proud of all of our students who participated this year, and we are thankful to faculty members Roger De Roo and Nilton Renno for judging the posters.

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