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Professor Rood discusses warmest year with the media

Posted: January 3, 2013

Professor Rood discusses warmest year with the media

2012 was the warmest year on record for the continental United States. Professor Richard Rood shared his expertise on this hot topic with Michigan Radio, the Los Angeles Times and the Detroit Free Press.

Rood told Cynthia Canty of Michigan Radio that Michigan saw the impact of warmer weather this year on fruit bearing trees, which blossomed in an early Spring and then died due to a later frost. For example, the cherry and apple crops were especially poor.

Rood also discussed his climate change problem solving class. “Right now, I’m moving more and more towards thinking about adaptation to climate change.” He said he teaches his students that in the future, the world will be about four degrees warmer.

For reducing energy use, Rood said proper building insulation, efficient computers and the way we eat can all effect energy use. “The production of meat releases a lot of greenhouse gases.”

Rood says 2013, “will continue to be a very warm year, we will see every month continue to have above average temperatures...we will have tremendous challenges with continuing drought.”

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