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MGU Student Research Symposium Awards

Posted: April 4, 2013

MGU Student Research Symposium Awards

Congratulations to Weiye Yao and John Xun Yang, the AOSS first place winners for the Michigan Geophysical Union Student Research Symposium. Yao also earned the Student Choice Award.

First and second place awards were given to AOSS students from two categories: (1) Climate and Meteorology, (2) Space and Remote-sensing. Please review below for more information about the awards. AOSS is proud of all the students who presented at the symposium.

AOSS: Climate & Meteorology

1st: Weiye Yao
Advisor: Christiane Jablonowski
The influence of convection in idealized simulations of Quasi-biennial Oscillation with different dynamical cores

2nd: Greg Tierney
Advisor: Derek Posselt
Evaluation of the Effect of Latent Heat Release on an Extratropical Cyclone by Simulation and Observational Comparison

AOSS: Space & Remote-sensing

1st: John Xun Yang
Advisor: Darren McKague
Land contamination correction for passive microwave radiometer data: demonstration of wind retrieval in the Great Lakes using SSM/I

2nd: Meng Jin
Advisor: Ward (Chip) Manchester
Simulate the Coronal Mass Ejection on 2011 March 7 from Chromosphere to 1 AU

Student Choice

Weiye Yao

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