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AOSS goes to “Tornado Camp”

Posted: May 6, 2013

Four AOSS students are traveling to Texas Tech University on May 6 to participate in a severe weather experiment often called “Tornado Camp.”

The experiment is scheduled to last through the first week of June. Professor Derek Posselt and Professor Chris Weiss of Texas Tech organized the experiment. Students from AOSS and Texas Tech will participate.

“I think it is crucial for students to not only learn theory in the classroom, but to experience directly (as much as possible) the phenomena they study,” Posselt says. “Nothing cements concepts in the mind of a student like experiential learning. By participating in a field exercise, the students will learn principles of data assessment and interpretation, mission coordination and planning, and the connection between surface processes, cloud physics and dynamics, and the larger scale circulation and environment.”

The AOSS students will share their experiences on a blog and on the AOSS Twitter using the hashtag #TornadoCamp.

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