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New solar car will be unveiled on June 18

Posted: June 14, 2013

The new U-M solar car team vehicle, Generation, is going to be unveiled in the Wintergarden at the Renaissance Center in Detroit on June 18.

Generation will be the team’s first four-wheel vehicle since 2005. New regulations require the vehicle to have four wheels, a wider field of vision for the driver and a larger driver compartment.

AOSS students Jeffrey Cwagenberg and Kyle Chudler are members of the team. Chudler says the new regulations mean that the vehicles in the competition are going to be “more realistic, practical vehicles for everyday use.”

Chudler says his AOSS 323 course taught him Matlab techniques that are useful when working on solar car projects, and being part of the team has been a fun experience.

“Just seeing this current car built from scratch to where it is now has been really cool.”

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