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Professor Samson’s presentation on motivation

Posted: July 16, 2013

Professor Samson’s presentation on motivation

Professor Perry Samson had the crowd laughing and nodding during his talk at the Blackboard Education Technology Conference in Las Vegas last week.

One of the conference bloggers, Stacy Hawthorne, wrote that Samson is one of those “people who have challenged the system and found their own solutions to the problem they discovered.”

For Samson, the problem was student engagement. That’s why he created LectureTools, a software system that gets the audience involved by using polls, surveys, questions and more.

The software eliminates the “on the spot” feeling of asking questions in class by allowing students to ask questions with their mobile devices. At the conference, Samson presented data that shows that more ESL (English as a Second Language) and women are asking questions now that he uses LectureTools.

To hear more about his presentation, click here.

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