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The Alfvén wave solar model

Posted: July 30, 2013

The Alfvén wave solar model

Professor Tamas Gombosi’s research group has created the first numerical model that can reproduce the observed structure of the solar corona using only the observations of solar magnetic fields.

The new numerical model, developed to simulate the solar corona, is the Alfvén Wave Solar Model (AWS☼M).

It is the first global model capable of simultaneously reproducing the multi wavelength observations of the lower corona as well as the wind structure beyond Earth’s orbit.

The model is a 3D global description of the solar environment, starting from the top of the chromosphere and extending into interplanetary space. It solves the extended two-component (ions and electron) magneto hydrodynamics equations coupled to a wave kinetic equation for low frequency Alfvén waves.

The research group involved with this model includes Bart van der Holst, Gabor Toth, Igor Sokolov, Ward Manchester, Meng Jin and Rona Oran.

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