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Professor Renno’s new paper on the CHASER mission

Posted: August 12, 2013

Professor Renno’s new paper on the CHASER mission

Professor Nilton Renno is the first author of a new paper on the CHASER (Clouds, Hazards, and Aerosols Survey for Earth Researchers) satellite mission concept.

CHASER is being developed to measure the effects of aerosols on cloud and climate. It will be the first global survey of activated cloud condensation nuclei (CCN), which is the physical entity that links aerosols with clouds. It will study CCN and their interactions with clouds and storms. Knowledge of these interactions is foundational to our understanding of weather and climate.

According to the paper, measurements by current satellites allow a rough determination of profiles of cloud particle size but not of the activated CCN that seed them. CHASER will use an innovative technique and high-heritage instruments to produce satellite-based remotely sensed observations of activated CCN and the properties of the clouds associated with them.

AOSS Professors Xianglei Hunag and Joyce Penner are also involved with CHASER and are co-authors of the paper.

The paper has been released online by the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Bulletin. You may read it here.

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