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The University Record spotlight on De Zeeuw

Posted: November 5, 2013

The University Record spotlight on De Zeeuw

Associate Research Scientist Dr. Darren De Zeeuw is the subject of this week’s University Record Faculty Spotlight.

The piece describes De Zeeuw’s mentorship of the Dexter High School robotics team and his career in space weather modeling.

“We’re trying to predict the environment in space. We’re looking for the environments that the satellites above Earth will be in, and trying to predict the effect of a solar storm on that satellite,” De Zeeuw told the Record regarding his work at AOSS.

His love of technology and skills in engineering make him an ideal mentor for the robotics team, known as the Dreadbots. De Zeeuw helps the students plan, build and operate the robot they design to perform an assigned task, which changes every year. Last year, the challenge was called “Ultimate Ascent,” and robots had to be able to pick up Frisbees from various locations, shoot them into a target for points, and then climb a tower at the end.

The Dreadbots did well in their local competitions last year and got invited to the FIRST Robotics Competition world championship in St. Louis. The team looks forward to competing this year and De Zeeuw plans on mentoring again.

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