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Assessing the credibility of downscaled climate projections

Posted: November 19, 2013

Assessing the credibility of downscaled climate projections

Professor Ricky Rood is a co-author on the recently published forum piece, “The Practitioner's Dilemma: How to Assess the Credibility of Downscaled Climate Projections.”

Rood has been leading this project through his Intergovernmental Personnel Act assignment with NOAA for the past two years.

The piece aims to help practitioners, such as city planners, decide what climate information to use when asked to include potential impacts of climate variability and change in their risk management and planning efforts.

“The choice is often regional or local climate projections downscaled from global climate models (GCMs; also known as general circulation models) to include detail at spatial and temporal scales that align with those of the decision problem,” the piece states. “The ‘practitioner’s dilemma’ is no longer the lack of downscaled projections; it is how to choose an appropriate data set, assess its credibility and use it wisely.”

To read the full publication, please click here.

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