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Engineering Graduate Symposium Awards

Posted: November 19, 2013

Congratulations to the AOSS students who earned top positions at the U-M Engineering Graduate Symposium Technical Session Competition.

In the Atmospheric and Climate Sciences session, first position went to Diana Thatcher and second position went to Hamid Nejati.

In the Space and Planetary Sciences session, first position went to Micah Weberg and second position went to Aleida Young.

Their topics were as follows:

Thatcher: Comparison of a moist idealized test case and aquaplanet simulations in an atmospheric general circulation model

Nejati: Design, Modeling, and In-situ Verification of WiBAR as Snowpack/Lake Ice Thickness Sensor

Weberg: Coronalsources, elemental fractionation, and release mechanisms of heavy ion dropouts in the solar wind

Young: Searching for Separatrix-Web Signatures in the Solar Wind

Each presenter’s research was evaluated on its originality, scientific merits, structure, and clarity of composition.

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