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Cassini on cover of Geophysical Research Letters

Posted: November 20, 2013

Cassini on cover of Geophysical Research Letters

An October 2013 issue of Geophysical Research Letters features an image created by Assistant Research Scientist Xianzhe Jia to highlight a frontier article about Cassini's recent findings.

The image is of the BATS-R-US (Block-Adaptive-Tree-Solar-Wind-Roe-Upwind-Scheme) model and a Cassini/INCA (Ion and Neutral Camera) image.

The article, “Saturn’s magnetosphere dynamics,” makes positive references to Saturn simulations conducted by Professor Gombosi’s research group, which includes Jia.

BATS-R-US was developed by the Center for Space Environment Modeling (CSEM) team in the 1990s.

CSEM is also involved with the Cassini mission, on which Gombosi is the interdisciplinary scientist for magnetosphere and plasma science. His role is to coordinate studies that involve multiple plasma instruments on the spacecraft.

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