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AOSS Alumnus quoted in The Guardian

Posted: January 3, 2014

AOSS Alumnus quoted in The Guardian

Alumnus Catalina Oaida was recently quoted in The Guardian in an article titled, “Climate and economic models – birds of a different feather.”

The article stated, “Climate computer models (computer predictions of the Earth's climate) are one of the critical tools we use to determine the future of our Earth and the likelihood humans are having an impact on the environment.”

The Guardian spoke with Oaida at the AGU meeting in December 2013. Oaida’s work as a current PhD student at UCLA deals with particulates impact in the cryosphere. Her description of models in her discipline is a great view of how insiders view these computational tools.

"My research involves using what we call regional climate models to assess the impact of dust and black carbon deposited onto the mountain snowpack,” Oaida told The Guardian.

“Regional climate models are very similar to general climate models [GCMs - used in the IPCC]; they are based on the same universal principles of physics and conservation, but they have a higher resolution that allows us to study in greater detail, and often with better accuracy, the processes taking place at local and regional scales. What is great about physically-based regional climate models is that they allow us to study these processes as they have occurred in that past, and also allow us to assess how this human-nature system/interaction might change in the future.”

The article continued, “My colleagues in business are not as fortunate. Worldwide and national business and economics do not follow universal governing laws. They follow human actions that are incredibly hard to predict.”

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