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Faculty Awards for CRASH team and Natalia Ganushkina

Posted: February 10, 2014

Faculty Awards for CRASH team and Natalia Ganushkina

AOSS has been selected for two College of Engineering Faculty Awards.

Associate Research Scientist Natalia Ganushkina earned the Kenneth M. Reese Outstanding Research Scientist Award, which is given to those who have demonstrated sustained excellence in research and related scholarly activities.

Ganushkina is recognized in her research community for her original and insightful contributions to the field of magnetospheric physics and her synthesizing leadership role in the international space research community.

The Center for Radiative Shock Hydrodynamics (CRASH) team was selected for the Ted Kennedy Family Team Excellence Award, which recognizes production of an extraordinary and significant piece of work from current or recent collaboration in teaching or research to the College of Engineering.

CRASH is developing predictive science techniques and applying them to radiative shock waves: shocks that move at more than 100 kilometers per second through plasma at millions of atmospheres pressure and millions of Kelvin temperature.

The research team includes R. Paul Drake, Krzysztof Fidkowski, Bruce Fryxell, James Holloway, Eric Johnsen, Carolyn Kuranz, Eric Myra, Kenneth Powell, Quentin Stout, Ben Torralva, Gabor Toth and Bart van der Holst.

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