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New leaders in space science

Posted: March 5, 2014

New leaders in space science

Associate Professor Justin Kasper and Research Fellow Liang Zhao have been selected to attend the 2014 inaugural CAS-NAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences and U.S. National Academy of Sciences) Forum for New Leaders in Space Science.

The forum is designed to provide opportunities for a highly select group of young space scientists from China and the United States to discuss their research activities in an intimate and collegial environment.

The first forum will be held in the Beijing-area in May 2014. The second forum will be held in the Los Angeles-area in November 2014. The scientific scope of both events is limited to the general areas of space astronomy and solar and space physics.

Kasper plans to speak about coronal heating and Solar Probe in the spring.

Zhao will speak about the comparison between the fast winds originated from polar coronal holes and the fast wind from low latitude coronal holes.

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