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Professor Rood’s climate change piece in The Conversation

Posted: March 12, 2014

Professor Rood’s climate change piece in The Conversation

Professor Ricky Rood wrote a piece titled, “Climate change – a fundamental shift of our place in the world,” for The Conversation – an online salon about sustainability issues sponsored jointly by the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise, the Graham Sustainability Institute, the Michigan Energy Institute and the Risk Science Center at the University of Michigan.

The piece explains that scientific communication about climate change can be potentially political.

“In one meeting of scientists, I said that every time a climate scientist wrote or talked it was potentially political. When scientists participated in interviews, blogged or sat on panels at the local museum, then there was almost certainly a political element that might be extracted from their words.”

Rood then discusses a speech in February from Secretary of State John Kerry, which “framed climate change, the persistent warming of the Earth and its consequences, in terms of weapons of mass destruction.”

Kerry’s words led to a response in the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Why Kerry is Flat Wrong on Climate Change.”

Rood states, “If we are to use the knowledge of climate change, then we challenge the familiar power structures of economies, politics, beliefs and perceptions…To make the knowledge-based part of the conversations more effective, we must realize that we are in multiple types of conversations, set in the context of a fundamental change to the body of human knowledge.”

To read the full story, please visit The Conversation.

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