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Dr. Gilbert’s proposal selected by NASA

Posted: March 26, 2014

Dr. Gilbert’s proposal selected by NASA

Assistant Research Scientist Dr. Jason Gilbert’s proposal to develop a prototype of the next generation of pickup ion mass spectrometers was recently selected for funding from NASA.

Gilbert’s proposal, entitled “Vital Components of a Planetary Pickup Ion Composition Spectrometer” was one of 117 submitted proposals in response to a call for planetary instrument concepts for the advancement of solar system observations. Only 12 were selected for award.

Steve Battel of Battel Engineering is a consultant on the project and Professor Thomas Zurbuchen is a co-investigator.

“Not only will this award support several people, but it also will strategically position us for success in the future with the development of unparalleled technologies for analysis of pickup ions in space,” Gilbert says of the award.

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