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MGU Student Research Symposium Awards

Posted: April 14, 2014

MGU Student Research Symposium Awards

Congratulations to the AOSS first place winners for the Michigan Geophysical Union Student Research Symposium - Eric Boone and Patrick Tracy!

Fei He and Meng Jin earned second place awards. Alex Bryan earned the Student Choice Award.

Thank you to everyone who organized, presented and attended the MGU Student Research Symposium! Please review below for more information about the awards.

AOSS: Atmospheric and Climate

1st: Eric Boone
Advisor: Kerri Pratt
What is in the Clouds? Aqueous Processing effects on Organic Compounds in Aerosol and Cloud Droplets

2nd: Fei He
Advisor: Derek Posselt
A Tropical Cyclone Test Case with Background Wind Shear for AGCMs

AOSS: Space and Planetary Physics

1st: Patrick Tracy
Advisor: Thomas Zurbuchen
Foreshock Populations at Mercury

2nd: Meng Jin
Advisor: Ward (Chip) Manchester
Global Magnetohydrodynamics Simulation of the Coronal Mass Ejection on 2011 March 7: from Chromosphere to 1 

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