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AOSS students go to Tornado Camp in Texas

Posted: May 5, 2014

AOSS students go to Tornado Camp in Texas

Four AOSS students are traveling to Texas this May to participate in a severe weather experiment often called “Tornado Camp.”

The experiment is scheduled to last through the first week of June. The four students are Kevin Kacan, Scott Loeffler, Jordan Swift and Nathan Hamet. Kacan says he has been interested in extreme weather since childhood.

“When I was a little kid I was extremely afraid of storms. I would watch the radar on television and try to predict when they would hit. I’ve always had a drive to understand why storms happen.”

The team looks forward to having the opportunity to watch tornadoes develop. They have had proper safety training to ensure they keep the correct amount of distance between themselves and the tornadoes.

Follow along with their experiences by visiting their blog and following AOSS Tweets that include the hashtag #TornadoCamp.

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