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Professor Fisk writes editorial for

Posted: June 4, 2014

Professor Fisk writes editorial for

Professor Len Fisk is co-author of a recent article in titled, “The Diminishing Space Science Workforce: A Crisis in the Making.”

“In the last two years, decreasing space research budgets have put unprecedented pressure on core parts of the U.S. civil space program. NASA’s continued emphasis on large flight missions has meant that money needed for support of individual space scientists, their students and the university research infrastructure has been cut to the bone. Thus, a crisis has descended on space and Earth sciences in this nation that is more pervasive and profound in many ways than any faced in past decades,” states the article.

The piece recommends finding a balance between small-end research needs and large flight missions because it is often the individual researchers and academics who analyze the data from the large missions in order to make scientific progress.

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