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Two AOSS papers featured in Space Weather Quarterly

Posted: August 25, 2014

Two AOSS papers featured in Space Weather Quarterly

Two papers, one written by Research Professor Gabor Toth and the other written by Doctoral Student Xiangyun Zhang, appeared in the editor’s choice section of Space Weather Quarterly Volume 11, Issue 2, 2014.

Toth’s paper, which was co-authored by Research Assistant Xing Meng, Professor Tamas Gombosi and Dr. Lutz Rastaetter of NASA Goddard, is titled “A New Method for Predicting Local Geomagnetic Disturbances.”

Zhang’s paper, which was co-authored by Professor Mark Moldwin, is titled, “Southward Interplanetary Magnetic Field and Geomagnetic Activity: A Statistical Survey.”

Space Weather Quarterly is a digest published by the American Geophysical Union that is devoted to the impacts of space weather on technical systems, including telecommunications, electric power, radiation effects on space electronics, and satellite navigation.

To read more about the papers, please visit Space Weather Quarterly.

(Image Credit: NASA)

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