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Solving Transcendental Equations by Professor Boyd

Posted: October 2, 2014

Solving Transcendental Equations by Professor Boyd

Professor John Boyd recently published a book titled, “Solving Transcendental Equations - The Chebyshev Polynominal Proxy and other Numerical Rootfinders, Perturpation Series and Oracles.”

The description states, “Transcendental equations arise in every branch of science and engineering. While most of these equations are easy to solve, some are not, and that is where this book serves as the mathematical equivalent of a skydiver's reserve parachute - not always needed, but indispensable when it is. The author's goal is to teach the art of finding the root of a single algebraic equation or a pair of such equations.”

This book is written for specialists in numerical analysis and will also appeal to mathematicians in general. It can be used for introductory and advanced numerical analysis classes, and as a reference for engineers and others working with difficult equations.

To order a copy, please visit the Siam Bookstore.

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