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Three AOSS faculty members honored in U. Record

Posted: October 6, 2014

Three AOSS faculty members honored in U. Record

Professor Tamas Gombosi, Research Scientist Enrico Landi and Assistant Research Scientist Xianzhe Jia were recognized in the University Record for recent honors.

Gombosi was recognized for being named a Distinguished University Professor. The article states, “Space physicist Tamas Gombosi has contributed significantly to space and planetary physics, from enhancing understanding of galactic cosmic rays and cometary plasma physics to developing the first time-dependent model of the terrestrial polar wind. He is revolutionizing space weather research with his flexible modeling tools and applications.”

Landi was honored for his Research Faculty Achievement Award. “Enrico Landi is one of the most influential physicists in the field of solar spectroscopy,” the Record states. “His work has paved the way for efficient forecasting of solar radiation evolution and variability in order to determine its effects on the Earth's upper atmosphere and minimize its impact on strategic human assets such as power grids, satellites and telecommunications.”

The Record highlighted Jia for also earning a Research Faculty Recognition Award. “Jia is the main developer of a magnetohydrodynamic model that has provided the framework for understanding plasma environments around planetary moons and determining their magnetic properties and interior structures…His atmospheric vortex model is helping unravel one of space science's intriguing mysteries — the apparent variable rotation rate of Saturn,” the Record states.

To read the full story and learn more about the accomplishments of these three faculty members, please visit the University Record.

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