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Student Mary Morris blogs as HIRad plans to fly in October storms

Posted: October 16, 2014

Student Mary Morris blogs as HIRad plans to fly in October storms

After a few weeks in hiatus, Doctoral Student Mary Morris is once again blogging about her experiences while participating in NASA’s HS3 (Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel) mission.

HS3 is a mission designed to investigate the processes that control hurricane formation and intensification. The mission has two unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) outfitted with meteorological instruments that can fly for long distances to reach hurricanes and storms.

According to Morris’ blog, these UAV flights officially ended a couple of weeks ago, but there has been a successful extension of the HS3 mission through a new NASA/Navy collaboration.

“Two instruments from HS3 that didn’t get to fly this hurricane season due to aircraft issues, HIRad and HIWRAP, are now loaded onto a manned WB-57 and will be flying over storms through the end of October,” she wrote.

“Things are looking up for the HIRad and HIWRAP teams, as we just finished our first successful science flight over Hurricane Gonzalo today,” she added.

Morris’ graduate research is focused on extracting surface wind speed and rain observations from HIRad data.

To read her blog, click here.

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