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AOSS research highlighted in AGUniverse

Posted: November 7, 2014

AOSS research highlighted in AGUniverse

Associate Professor Christiane Jablonowski and her former doctoral student Colin Zarzycki wrote a paper that recently appeared in AGUniverse, a newsletter for AGU members.

The paper, titled, “A multidecadal simulation of Atlantic tropical cyclones using a variable-resolution global atmospheric general circulation model,” was listed as a Publication Highlight.

The paper shows that the computational grid of NCAR's Spectral Element Community Atmosphere Model (CAM-SE) can be regionally refined (28 km) over the Atlantic Ocean basin while using a coarse 110 km grid spacing in the outer domain. The high horizontal resolution captures many small-scale processes and thereby allows the spontaneous generation of hurricanes. These are almost absent in the coarse-resolution domain.

The paper assesses CAM-SE's Atlantic hurricane climatology over a 23-year time period and shows remarkable skill in comparison to observations. The research pushes the frontiers of high-resolution global modeling, and opens new and computationally-efficient avenues for regional climate change assessments.

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