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Professor Rood’s blog in NYT

Posted: November 14, 2014

Professor Rood’s blog in NYT

Professor Ricky Rood’s climate blog was recently mentioned in the New York Times’ Opinion Pages.

The piece, titled, “The ‘Super El Niño’ Forecast Fadeout,” described the fadeout of predictions of a “super” or “monster” El Niño warming of the tropical Pacific.

The author noted that federal climate analysts had not predicted a “monster” or “super” event, and includes this statement from Professor Rood’s blog:

“I had three reasons to avoid going along with the “super” and the “monster.” First, reading the dispassionate words of several forecast centers, there was little suggestion of an extraordinarily strong event. Second, it’s usually not wise to predict extraordinary extremes without a lot of evidence, because extremes are rare. Finally, as was the case in my cranky response to the return of the polar vortex, the increasing exaggeration and personification of weather events and their implications for climate change are distinctly negative contributions. Of course, it probably costs me readers. [Read the rest]

To read the NYT piece, please click here.

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