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Professor Kort in Headlines & Global News

Posted: November 20, 2014

Professor Kort in Headlines & Global News

Assistant Professor Eric Kort is featured in a recent story from Headlines & Global News titled, “Crops Have Significant Effect On Seasonal CO2 Cycle Increases.”

The article explains that researchers, including Kort, have looked at the significant impact agricultural crops have on seasonal swings of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The researchers found that annual carbon dioxide (CO2) fluctuations are amplified when plants suck up the CO2 in the spring and summer, and then release when they start to compose in the autumn and winter.

"A simple picture is that plants breathe. You can see the seasonal impact of this in the Keeling curve, the famous graph that shows atmospheric CO2 levels measured from a mountaintop in Hawaii since the late 1950s," said Kort. "While it's been continually increasing, it wiggles up and down a bit each year, and that's this seasonal breathing of the biosphere."

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