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NAS President Ralph Cicerone earns U-M honorary degree

Posted: December 15, 2014

NAS President Ralph Cicerone earns U-M honorary degree

Dr. Ralph Cicerone, president of the National Academy of Sciences and one of the world's foremost atmospheric scientists, was recently awarded an honorary degree at the U-M Winter Commencement 2014.

In the 1970s Cicerone came to AOSS as a post-doctoral research fellow for Professor Andrew Nagy. Afterwards, he served AOSS as a research scientist for six years.

In 2007 U-M established the Ralph J. Cicerone Distinguished University Professorship of Atmospheric Science in his honor. This professorship was awarded to AOSS Professor Joyce Penner; she continues to hold the title today.

Cicerone has made fundamental contributions to the understanding of greenhouse gases and ozone depletion in the Earth's stratosphere.

To read more about his history, please visit the University Record.

(Image Credit: From NAS Flickr)

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