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Jablonowski a Primary Organizer for one of NCAR's Advanced Study Summer Colloquiums

Posted: August 12, 2008

The National Center for Atmospheric Research held An Advanced Study Program Summer Colloquium on Numerical Techniques for Global Atmospheric Models on June 1-13, 2008 in Boulder, Colorado. The Primary Organizers were Peter H. Lauritzen (NCAR), Christiane Jablonowski (University of Michigan), Mark Taylor (Sandia National Laboratories) and Ramachandran D. Nair (NCAR). Additional support was provided by NASA and DOE.
The colloquium surveyed the latest developments in numerical methods for the dynamical cores of Atmospheric General Circulation Models. This academic event attracted graduate students with backgrounds in atmospheric science, applied mathematics, and/or computer science, and it introduced them to the latest developments in weather and climate modeling. An elite group of lecturers, model developers, and mentors provided input and guidance for the two weeks of intensive work. A total of 38 students, 4 organizers, 13 modeling mentors, and 18 lecturers participated in this event that produced significant benefits for both the attendees and the atmospheric research community. The graduate students received education and experience in atmospheric science, modeling, and computer architectures, and they performed and archived more than 350 simulations from models that incorporated the 13 dynamical cores.

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