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Introducing Faculty Insights

Posted: January 30, 2015

Introducing Faculty Insights

Whether you’re interested in climate news, space missions or the academic environment, the new Faculty Insights page from AOSS will have a story for you.

This page displays a collection of short videos and accompanying articles in which faculty members discuss the topics they know best. Currently, there are two Insights available. One is from Professor Mark Moldwin on the undergraduate curriculum and the other is from Professor Mike Liemohn on the Victors for Michigan campaign.

Upcoming Insights include Professor Sue Lepri speaking on women in engineering and Professor Gretchen Keppel-Aleks discussing climate change. The plan is to build upon this and create one for every faculty member.

AOSS invites you to visit the page, watch the videos and get to know which AOSS faculty members are involved in your area of interest.

Please contact Allison Lyons at if you would like to be in an Insight, or have an idea for a future Insight.

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