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Professor George Gloeckler earns first Johannes Geiss Fellowship

Posted: May 21, 2015

Professor George Gloeckler earns first Johannes Geiss Fellowship

Research Professor George Gloeckler was recently selected for the first Johannes Geiss Fellowship from the International Space Science Institute (ISSI).

This fellowship was established to attract international scientists of stature to ISSI. The intent is to attract those who can make demonstrable contributions to the ISSI mission and increase ISSI’s stature by their presence, and by doing so will honor Johannes Geiss for his founding of ISSI and his contributions to ISSI.

ISSI is an Institute of advanced study where scientists from all over the world meet in a multi- and interdisciplinary setting to reach out for new scientific horizons.

Gloeckler has contributed to the field of space plasma physics through pioneering discoveries and the invention of instruments carried on satellites and deep space probes, including the two Voyagers, Ulysses and Cassini. His research combines measurements of the properties of matter in the universe with careful interpretations that address a complex range of questions relating to solar activity, planetary systems, and formation and evolution of objects in the universe.

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