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Four AOSS faculty members are Co-Is on Europa Clipper mission

Posted: May 27, 2015

Four AOSS faculty members are Co-Is on Europa Clipper mission (Image: NASA)

NASA recently selected nine science instruments for a mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa, to investigate whether the mysterious icy moon could harbor conditions suitable for life.

ICEMAG (Interior Characterization of Europa using Magnetometry) and PIMS (Plasma Instrument for Magnetic Sounding) are two of the instruments selected for the Europa Clipper mission.

The PIMS instrument team includes Assistant Research Scientist Xianzhe Jia, Associate Professor Justin Kasper, Research Professor Margaret Kivelson and Professor Jim Slavin. Jia is also on the ICEMAG team. All four faculty members are now co-investigators on this mission.

The PIMS instrument is built around Kasper’s new Faraday Cup Plasma Analyzer for planetary environments.

The Europa Clipper will launch as early as 2022 and will orbit Jupiter, making repeated flyby passes of the icy moon Europa. It will approach as close as 16 miles and as far as 1,700 miles during the planned 47 passes.

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