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New NASA site for CYGNSS

Posted: June 2, 2015

New NASA site for CYGNSS Southwest Research Institute engineers and technicians assemble and integrate an engineering model of the CYGNSS microsatellite. (Credit: Southwest Research Institute.)

NASA recently created an official site for the CYGNSS (Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System) mission. You can visit the new site by clicking here.

The site includes a mission overview, images, videos and articles. One of the latest articles describes the science of CYGNSS, while another article explains how the mission PI, Professor Chris Ruf, went from being a lead guitarist to a rocket scientist.

Scheduled to launch in October 2016, CYGNSS is a constellation of eight small satellites that will be carried to low-Earth orbit on a single launch vehicle. Each satellite is capable of capturing 32 wind measurements per second across the globe. The complete constellation provides gap-free Earth coverage.

Please visit the new site to learn more.

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