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Dr. Marsik speaks to Marketplace about El Niño

Posted: July 27, 2015

Dr. Marsik speaks to Marketplace about El Niño Associate Research Scientist Frank Marsik

“Lots of people along the West Coast are hoping that predictions of a strong El Niño this winter will prove correct, because a season of hard rain is needed,” according to a report from Marketplace.

Given the drought in California, it’s understandable that some people are hoping for a rainy winter. But the water infrastructure on the West Coast is designed for water coming from mountain snow pack, not rain. Besides that, rain accounts for just one part of the supply side of fresh water.

Associate Research Scientist Frank Marsik told Marketplace that making headway against the California drought requires policies to curb demand, beyond simply “praying for rain.”

“You know they might have helped with an El Niño, for instance, in an area that has been seeing some very dry conditions," Marsik said. "But that’s certainly not something you can count on every year. What you can count on are your habits.”

Adam Allington from Marketplace’s Sustainability Desk wrote the report. To read more, or listen to the piece, please visit

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