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NYT story on Mars references Prof Renno’s review

Posted: October 2, 2015

NYT story on Mars references Prof Renno’s review Credit: NASA

The New York Times published an editorial on September 29, 2015, titled, “A Catch-22 for Mars.”

The editorial discusses a recent NASA report that stated that definitive signs of water have been detected on Mars. The report “immediately set off speculation about finding life on that planet. Which raises an interesting conundrum: How best to explore the damp areas on Mars without contaminating them with microbes carried there from Earth.”

A review conducted by European and American experts, including Professor Nilton Renno, “recently concluded that scientists lack detailed knowledge of the physical and chemical conditions on the surface of Mars and know too little about the ability of terrestrial life to reproduce on other worlds. Will it require one cell from a single species or a million cells for that life-form to take root on Mars?”

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