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Professor Penner writes about climate change for Bloomberg View

Posted: December 1, 2015

Professor Penner writes about climate change for Bloomberg View

In a recent Bloomberg View article titled “Eight Ways to Save the Planet,” Professor Joyce Penner shared her opinion on the most promising way to keep global temperatures from passing the 2-degree threshold.

“As the world struggles to address global warming, some propose geoengineering -- intentionally altering the planet's atmosphere -- as a way to lower temperatures,” Penner wrote. “The most studied technique would work by adding sulfate particles to the stratosphere, which is similar to what happens as a result of large volcanic eruptions. Those particles reflect solar radiation, preventing some of the sun's rays from warming the Earth.”

“While this type of solution sounds promising, it must never be considered in isolation. Without agreements in place to significantly decrease carbon dioxide emissions, we would have to continue pumping more and more sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere, perhaps for millennia,” Penner added.

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This piece was also published in the Chicago Tribune and Newsday.

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